The High School Immersion Experience

Live with a host family and attend the local school, just like a British student. This is best way to fully immerse yourself into British life and culture!

Live the language while experiencing a new and exciting culture. Make an amazing investment in your future!




2-12 weeks

Price from


Experience educational excellence!


Experience the traditional British culture and perfect your language skills!


Programmes from 1-8 weeks with start dates throughout the year. Tailored to meet your needs!


Living in a different culture is a fantastic investment in your future - and great fun!

Our High School Immersion programme gives you a fantastic opportunity to experience living and studying abroad. You will experience everyday life in the UK, having a great cultural experience, while improving your English language.

Mixing with local students at school you will take the same classes, join the same activities and have the opportunity to make local friends and well as international.

Outside school you will enjoy life with your welcoming host family, and you will have the opportunity to get involved in the local community.

Studying in another country is one of the most rewarding experiences you can give yourself. You’ll become more mature and independent, and learn how to live in another culture. An immersion programme is a great way to try studying abroad – but it can be addictive, many immersion students return for a full High School programme later!

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A great chance
to study abroad

"My host family have been brilliant – they are very cool! We do a lot together, such as salsa dancing, and we even went to a 1970s themed party together."

Angelia from Italy

"I have learned about English culture, I have seen lots of famous and beautiful places and done so many fun things I didn't expect to do.I have learned to speak better English and gained a lot of memories.."

Marja from Finland

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School life

When you apply, we will ask you to tell us about your interests and ambitions, so we can find the best possible school to match you as well as your interests and ambitions.

The British school system is divided into primary and secondary education. At school, you will be studying for A levels (in England) or Highers (in Scotland). Students typically study 3-4 subjects of their choice and go in to a lot of detail in each subject area. You will experience a combination of class work, group projects and independent study.

The school year starts early September in England and in August in Scotland.
Your school day will most likely start at 8am and end mid to late afternoon. Lessons normally last 40-50 minutes and there are usually two intervals, a short break mid morning and about 30 minutes for lunch. Schools have canteens, and students will either bring their lunch from home or buy a meal at the school canteen.

Many schools have after school activities, and some of the schools we work with offers state of the art facilities for sports, clubs, drama and music. Make sure that you let is know what you would like, so we can find the best possible option for you.

The United Kingdom

Also often referred to as Great Britain or The British Isles, The United Kingdom is formed of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and other islands such as Jersey.

UK today is a modern, versatile and inclusive country, but at the same time also very charming, original and traditional. Foodwise perhaps best known for Fish & Chips, the UK also makes a mean Chicken Tikka Masala, which nowadays is just as popular with the local population. The classic Bacon & Eggs breakfast is frequently served as a weekend treat, while on weekdays most people will have cereal or a quick toast.

The British sense of humour is everywhere, as is the all-important Tea. And although in danger of being overtaken by coffee, the traditional “cuppa” is still seen by most as the ultimate remedy for most things.

In sports Football tops the charts in England, while in Scotland it is rivalled by Rugby. You may also come across a classic cricket match, frequently played in most English villages, and you school is likely to offer range of sports activities.

British families are as different as other families, and the family structure is diverse – from nuclear families to single parents and everything in between. Students are different too, and we will use our experience to make the best match and find you a home that fits you as perfectly as possible.

You will find that Brits may seem reserved, but are wonderfully warm and welcoming once you get to know them. Be ready to chat, open up and don’t take yourself too seriously, and you will make sure that you make the most of your UK experience.

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Programme facts



English level

From elementary


2-12 weeks.
Programmes start on Sundays and you will depart on the Saturday of your final week.

Programme start

Flexible start dates throughout term time


Host Family


A great range of optional activities

Your dream. Your choice

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Your home in the UK

Your host family will be your base for your time in the UK. Whether you are here for two weeks or three months, your family will welcome you into their home, giving you a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the British way of life. You will live as a member of the family, sharing family meals and taking part in family life and activities.

Some families choose to host two students, providing a great opportunity to add an extra international dimension to your programme as well as a companion, who is going through the same experience as you.

All our host families are carefully selected and screened. This is to ensure the quality and standards of every host family.

Our host families are as different as the students they host, and we use our expertise to make sure that we make the best possible match to give you the best possible foundation for a fantastic experience.

“Living with a host family is a unique way to experience the British culture”


We are here to help and guide you throughout your time in the UK, and help you to get the most out of your experience. Our dedicated and experienced support team will always be there for you if you need advice. You’ll have a Local Support Coordinator who lives in your local area and who knows your surroundings, who will be able to help you to make the most out of your experience in the UK.

Our aim is to ensure that all our students feel safe and supported and have the best possible experience in the UK!

Sara learned a new skill in England!

Sara from Germany spent 4 weeks living with her host family in Southern England, where she attended the local school, studying Maths, Photography and Drama. As well as experiencing the local culture and way of life Sara explored nearby towns and went running with her host family.

Sara told us “I really enjoyed my time at school – I got to try some subjects that I can’t study at home in Germany which was really cool, and I had a lot of fun exploring my local area.”

After four weeks in England Sara’s English has improved and she has found a new hobby in photography. We hope to welcome Sara back to the UK for a High School year in the future!

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Check out our Cultural Immersion programme  if you want to experience life with a host family in the UK for 1-8 weeks without attending school, or our regular High School programmes if you want to study for longer that 12 weeks!

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Join StudyChoice in the UK for the experience of a lifetime!

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Immersion Programmes

Included in the programme price

  • Consultation as needed
  • Pre-departure info
  • Placement information
  • Travel documents
  • Transfer from designated arrival point
  • Host family accommodation
  • Full board, lunches may be packed
  • School placement if High School immersion
  • Arrangement of booked activities if Cultural Plus
  • Local Support
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Access to support team
  • Administration
  • Wifi access
  • Bedding

Not included

  • Cancellation insurance
  • Flights
  • Transfer if not arriving at designated arrival point
  • Local transportation
  • Lunch if purchasing school lunch
  • School materials, books, uniform
  • Personal items and spending money
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Dietary supplements
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Explore our range of courses!

Subject AreaSubjectQualification
Art & DesignArtAcademic
Art & DesignArt & DesignVocational
Art & DesignProduction Arts Technical Subsidiary DiplomaVocational
Art & DesignPerforming ArtsVocational
Art & DesignTheatrical, Special Effects and Media Make-Up ArtistryVocational
Art & DesignPhotographyAcademic
Art & DesignPhotographyVocational
Art & DesignDesign - GraphicAcademic
Art & DesignDesign - GraphicVocational
Art & DesignDesign - 3DAcademic
Environment & HumanitiesEnvironmental SustainabilityVocational
Environment & HumanitiesAnimal CareVocational
Environment & HumanitiesAnimal ManagementVocational
Environment & HumanitiesConstruction and the Built Environment Vocational
BusinessBusiness Academic
BusinessBusiness Vocational
BusinessBusiness and AccountingVocational
Environment & HumanitiesEarly Years Education and Child CareVocational
EngineeringMotorcycle MaintenanceVocational
EngineeringMotorsport (Vehicle Technology) Vocational
Art & DesignUpholstery and FurnishingsVocational
Art & DesignFashion and TextilesVocational
Health & BeautyBarberingVocational
Health & BeautyBeauty TherapyVocational
Health & BeautyHairdressingVocational
Health & BeautyHair Colouring Services Level 2 Vocational
Health & BeautyMake-Up Artistry Level 2Vocational
Health & BeautyTheatrical, Special Effects and Media Make-Up ArtistryVocational
Cookery & CateringHospitality DiplomaVocational
Cookery & CateringProfessional Cookery NVQ Diploma Level 2Vocational
Cookery & CateringProfessional Cookery - Patisserie and ConfectionaryVocational
Cookery & CateringCookery Professional DiplomaVocational
Cookery & CateringNutrition & HealthVocational
IT & GamingGames Design Digital Games DevelopmentVocational
IT & GamingICT Vocational
IT & GamingICT Game Design & Creative Media (Film)Vocational
IT & GamingComputingVocational
IT & GamingCreative Media (Digital Game Design and Development)Vocational
IT & GamingICT First CertificateVocational
IT & GamingComputer ScienceAcademic
IT & GamingIT - Creative Technology Level 2Vocational
IT & GamingElectronicsAcademic
MediaMedia StudiesAcademic
MediaCreative Media Production Vocational
MediaCreative Media Production / Film and Television ProductionVocational
MusicMusic TechnologyAcademic
MusicMusic Technology (Production) Vocational
MusicMusic DiplomaVocational
MusicMusic Practitioner Diploma Level 2Vocational
Performing ArtsPerforming ArtsVocational
Performing ArtsPerforming Arts Extended DiplomaVocational
Performing ArtsActing DiplomaVocational
Performing ArtsDance DiplomaVocational
Performing ArtsDrama and Theatre StudiesAcademic
Performing ArtsFilm StudiesAcademic
Maths & SciencesBiologyAcademic
Maths & SciencesChemistryAcademic
Maths & SciencesComputer ScienceAcademic
Maths & SciencesMathematicsAcademic
Maths & SciencesPhysicsAcademic
Maths & SciencesFurther MathsAcademic
Maths & SciencesEconomicsAcademic
LanguagesEnglish LanguageAcademic
LanguagesEnglish LiteratureAcademic
LanguagesEnglish Language & LiteratureAcademic
HumanitiesClassical CivilisationAcademic
HumanitiesHistory: Ancient Academic
HumanitiesHistory - ModernAcademic
HumanitiesHistory - MedievalAcademic
HumanitiesPhilosophy & Religious StudiesAcademic
HumanitiesGovt & PoliticsAcademic
Environment & HumanitiesPsychology Extended CertificateVocational
HumanitiesEnvironmental ScienceAcademic
HumanitiesReligious StudiesAcademic
Environment & HumanitiesHealth & Social Care Vocational
Travel & TourismTravel & TourismVocational
Travel & TourismAir Cabin CrewVocational
SportsSport, Health and FitnessVocational
SportsSports Outdoor Adventurous Activites Extended DiplomaVocational
SportsSport and Exercise ScienceVocational
SportsFitness InstructingVocational
SportsPhysical Activity, Fitness and Exercise Science Level 2Vocational
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High School - FAQ

Yes – if you choose the High School Select programme, then you can choose not only the area that you will be in, but also the school or college you will study at! We want you to be able to study where and what you want – so you can tell us in your application if you have a preference. Take a look at our High School Select page to find out more about this.

Yes – if you choose the High School Academic programme you can choose your subjects!

Yes – but this might depend on your academic performance, and the subjects that you choose to study. At the end of your time in the UK, you should obtain a report card from your school or college, and this will demonstrate your experience and qualifications.
If you are interested in sitting exams, then you should tell us this when you apply, so that we can make sure your subjects will allow you to obtain a recognised qualification.

As soon as your placement is confirmed, we will notify you of the details of where you will be studying. The process of matching you with the perfect school or college (and host family, if you choose to stay with one) takes time and can be complex, and we want to make sure we find you the best match. We’ll aim to let you know your destination a few months before you depart.

It’s different for every student depending on your lifestyle, and it also depends on whether you stay with a host family or in student accommodation, and how you travel to school! The average monthly expenditure is usually between £100-£150 if you’re staying with a host family.

On our application form, there is a section asking you for some information about yourself – this includes whether you would be happy living with pets, whether you would prefer a non-smoking family, and if you have any other special requirements or allergies, among other questions. You should give us as much information as you can on here, and this will enable us to match you to the most suitable family!

This depends and can be different depending on the school and the host family! There will probably be other exchange students at your school. Host families can choose to host one or two students, so you might have another student within your host family.

If you have a problem with your host family, then you can talk to your Local Support Coordinator. They will help you to talk about the problem and find a solution. If the problem is serious and can’t be resolved, there can be the option of changing host family.

All of our students and their parents will have a contact person before, during and after their stay. During the programme, our students are supported by various levels of support – our Head Office team, their school and (depending on what type of programme you have chosen) a Local Support Coordinator. We also have an emergency number for emergencies out of office hours. StudyChoice will keep in touch with you while you’re here in the UK, and we can offer support, guidance and advice.

Yes – StudyChoice organises tours and trips every term that you will be able to take part in! Independent travel is also possible, but you will have to get permission from StudyChoice, as well as your natural parents (and host family, if you’re staying with one!).

Yes – there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in sports and activities while you are in the UK! You can join a club or play sports through your school or college, and if you’re staying with a host family, they will be able to help you get involved in activities in the local area.

Yes – you can ask for an extension of your programme.

If you aren’t sure if you will need a visa, take a look at the UK government website:
This will tell you what kind of visa you need to apply for, what fees are involved, and what the requirements are. The earliest you can apply for a visa is three months before you start your course.

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