Terms & conditions

The application form must be fully completed and signed before being processed.
All applications must include a recent photo.

All invoices are in British Pounds (GBP).
All payments must cater for bank charges and exchange rates.
In the event of short payment due to transaction charges, only the net amount will be credited to your account.
Payment must be settled before arriving in the UK.

All transport, organised by StudyChoice is with licensed drivers and is charged at cost.
When a host family member transports students, mileage is charged at £0.45 per mile plus £0.05 per mile per passenger
Time is charged where applicable at;
10 GBP per hour social hours
20 GBP per hour unsociable hours
Unsociable hours are between 2300 – 0700

If a student wishes to stay anywhere except with a StudyChoice host family, we must have the address of where they are staying, contact phone numbers of the responsible adult (21 years+) that they will be staying with.

Students must not stay in a hotel/hostel overnight unless they are accompanied by an adult (21 years+) of the same gender.
Written parental consent will be required for any of the above.

StudyChoice must receive all relevant documentation and permissions in writing for students wishing to stay anywhere that is not a StudyChoice host family at least 72 hours before departure.

If a student is expelled from the State School Programme or withdraws for any reason, no refund can be considered. Insurance should be instituted to cover this possibility where appropriate.

Specific dietary requirement will be subject to a weekly supplement to a host family. Costs will be confirmed by the State School Department.

A surcharge will be payable if students arrive on a non-designated day and at a non-designated airport.
Easter transfers are not included unless a programme finishes at Easter, then a return transfer is included.
Students arriving earlier or departing later than scheduled will be required to pay additional nights’ accommodation if a StudyChoice host family is used.

Under no circumstances may a private approach be made to StudyChoice staff or host families. Doing so would invalidate any agreement.

A student must be prepared and capable, both physically and mentally, for a prolonged stay in a different country away from their family and friends.
All students must have an appropriate level of English for their course.
If a group or individual arrive with an inappropriate level of English. StudyChoice may not be able to offer the prepaid programme.

StudyChoice does not include personal or travel insurance in any of our programmes.
We strongly recommend that parents of students take out policies of this nature in your home country.

Please Note: A student may be expelled from the Programme for serious or continuous misconduct, particularly where such behaviour prejudices the safety or progress of other students or brings the programme or the school into disrepute. Any false information given or relevant information withheld can invalidate the agreement between StudyChoice and parents.